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From Textiles To Biggest at Property

Many names to be mentioned in the world of business related the story of his success. These names inspire many people associated success stories and how they started his career. Such a figure Benny Gunawan who is founders of the Damai Putra Group unwittingly himself has been doing business at the age of 14 years. Benny pioneered the business of selling batik cloth. Himself claimed to have never occurred to be the entrepreneur’s property let alone developed the concept of city scale project in Bekasi, West Java City expectations of a Beautiful breadth of reach 2200 hectares.

Amazingly, Benny attended only limited primary level and the unfinished because of lack of economic families. Benny is the youngest of 6 brothers and his father died when her mother was still in the womb. Inevitably his school bench changing her mother owned a kiosk mapped selling batik cloth in a traditional market in Magelang, Central Java.

Yes, in this world there’s two kinds of businesses or entrepreneurs. First, those who inherit businesses from parents. Second, those who start a business from scratch with your own capabilities. Two stories above are examples of the many successful businessmen who are in the country that pioneered the career from the bottom.

Interestingly, all the successful people always have a way or path in starting his business. As Benny, the father of two children who was now 67 years old at the age of 14 years and started his business with how to follow the example of the mother who sells batik cloth. With dreamy eyes and tried to remember his past, Benny says, almost every day I was in the stall auxiliary mother “I so know how to sell from buy to sell it back to the buyer,” he explained with a smile.

Until at one point, his business instincts see opportunities. When the Chinese new year celebration itself many received angpao. The money he received was collected and made into the capital to buy a few strands of batik cloth for resale. Funnily enough, and hers is also on sale in the kiosk without the knowledge of the mother. “When there is a kiosk and keep potential buyers, I also offer my property so that the fabric is purchased,” explained Benny recalls his smile.

From Benny finally addicted to trade and finally stride that limited be borderless. Herself into a textile entrepreneur in Magelang with the scale of wholesale is no longer selling in retail. His business extends to several towns in Central Java and the name is known as a successful textile businessman. And, in 1979 to cultivate tobacco business also Benny to prop up the business of textiles. “I saw the opportunity and the time the tobacco was the Prima Donna of the business. In addition to open another business I can play money to be advantages and beneficial. I think it is key that keeps me in business, could subsidize the business between one and the other. So that can exist in the business, “Benny bright.

Talk business instincts, Benny was indeed qualified. Her storytelling in 1973 inadvertently buying a luxury car that was very attractive to the public as a prestige object i.e. Mercedes Benz. The purchase of a luxury car made by way of cash not to show themselves as a successful young entrepreneur who was then the new age of 23 years. But there’s a business motive, the car is only used a few months only and after it’s sold. Obviously there are the advantages it brings because demand for these cars is very high but the number of units is limited. If it is, the purchase of should indent up to half a year and Benny do this because look at niche markets and profit.

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